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The “lost" bed-building sequence has become almost as well-known as though it had actually appeared in the film. Filled with warmth and humor, it was planned but nonetheless eliminated by Walt from the final script because he felt it did not sufficiently advance the story. When the Dwarfs gather at the mine the morning following the festivities in the cottage they realize they want to give something to Snow White to show their love and appreciation for what she has brought to their lives. Doc, always ready to take charge, immediately declares a work holiday in the first sketch, so they can make the gift. When asked what it will be, he stammers, but Bashful manages to overcome his shyness in the second drawing to suggest “a golden harp with angels on it.” In the end they decide on a bed, a natural, as she slept in theirs. Very rare, these two fine sketches are from the “lodge meeting” portion of the famous sequence. They are 9-1/2 x 8”, rendered in black and red pencil, with the corner pinholes typical of story and other pre-production drawings tacked up by the artists. The sequential drawings are numbered 11a-7 and 11a-8. Disney, 1937
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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

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