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The rafters ring with merriment as the happiest party ever filmed reaches its height when Snow White herself, unable to resist the joyful exuberance filling the cottage, gets up to join the Dwarfs and shows her graceful, high-stepping style. The beautiful large images are 7” and 7-5/8", rendered in black, red, yellow, and green pencil on 16-field sheets, with inker’s notations and production stamps, and are the work of Ham Luske, who was one of no less than five animators responsible for her animation under the supervision of Grim Natwick. Young dancer Marjorie Belcher, who later became famous as Marge Champion, was only eighteen when she acted the part of Snow White for the live-action footage used by the animators to perfect the scene. Perhaps it's giving away secrets to reveal that the animation for Snow White's dance that night was so perfect it couldn't be surpassed and was reused 36 years later when Maid Marian danced with Robin. Watch it and see. Disney, 1937
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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

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