A BRIEF HISTORY In 1872, the Celluloid Manufacturing Company opened in Newark, New Jersey, where the first man-made plastic, called Celluloid, was commercially produced. The revolutionary product made the movies possible in so many ways. And it gave us animation cels. It Was Wonder Stuff Being a marvelously moldable substance, Celluloid was used to create […]

Art Corner

Disney, unlike other studios, made their own animation paint until 1985, when The Black Cauldron was released as the last film to be made with the original Disney animation paint. Why the change? Because Disney attempted to make the switch to newer acrylic-based paint colors, only to discover it would require an entire refitting of […]


A lot of cels had been laminated in 70s and 80s as part of the Disney Original Art Program and they were beginning to have problems as early as the 90s. Dumbo and Bambi cels, laminated some 40 years earlier, lasted longer but were suffering from lamination failures just the same. Early in 2003 we […]


How many times have you heard this advice when wondering how to clean your cel: “Just wipe it with a little alcohol on a cotton ball”? Sounds okay, right? After all, what harm can a simple cotton ball and a few drops of alcohol do? MORE THAN THE SUM OF ITS PARTS The first thing […]


A nice fellow called me as the year was getting under way. I was just back from a little time off between Christmas and the new year and this was my first question of 2014. It turned out he is a banker and owns some 30 pieces of animation art. Mr. Banks (obviously not his […]