Color is a fascinating and sometimes confounding subject. Colors come from many sources. Some are derived from minerals found in the earth, some from chemical reactions, and some are made using the skeletons of insects. Duplicating a color takes understanding and craftsmanship, and a little help from friends.   ENTER THE COLORIMETER   A colorimeter […]

Animation history

A BRIEF HISTORY In 1872, the Celluloid Manufacturing Company opened in Newark, New Jersey, where the first man-made plastic, called Celluloid, was commercially produced. The revolutionary product made the movies possible in so many ways. And it gave us animation cels. It Was Wonder Stuff Being a marvelously moldable substance, Celluloid was used to create […]

Art Corner

Disney, unlike other studios, made their own animation paint until 1985, when The Black Cauldron was released as the last film to be made with the original Disney animation paint. Why the change? Because Disney attempted to make the switch to newer acrylic-based paint colors, only to discover it would require an entire refitting of […]


When recreating Walt Disney’s office for the new film “Saving Mr. Banks” the studio used four of the Courvoisier Studio Replicas to make sure the artwork on the walls was as accurate as possible. Jim Hill reports “Speaking of reproductions … A sharp eyed JHM fan earlier this week sent me a note saying that […]


Got a call, some time back from an old campaigner who’d purchased a drawing on an online auction-like site. Said he’d paid over $800 for it and wanted to know “if its real”. “Hmm,” I thought. Why in the dickens didn’t he call first to ask. Most of the time I don’t have the luxury […]