S/R Labs maintains a professional full-service frame shop under the direction of Ron Stark. trained
With the assistance of aanimation art technician ours is the only frame facility in the world specifically designed to meet the requirements of animation art.
In addition to the special handling needed for your artwork, we offer a complete range of mouldings and materials at all price levels.
Even though you might be across the country, or even the ocean, don’t be shy about talking with any staff member about your framing needs. We’re experts at understanding what you want and bringing your wishes to life. And if you have a framer you are used to working with, we will be happy to talk with him or her to answer questions about dealing with the specific needs of animation art.
S/R Laboratories is affiliated with the Professional Picture Framers Association and Lab Director Ron Stark, has for many years, served as a PPFA educator lecturing to framing professionals from all across the US and Canada.


Animation art presents particular difficulties to framers and most are not familiar with its problems and requirements. We always welcome questions from professional framers to help them understand this very specific art form. Assistance is available at no charge and is provided by phone only. Calls are accepted 10 to 5 any day of the week and are returned collect if we must call you back.