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“Mark my words, there’s trouble brewin’. Felt it comin’ all day, m’corns hurt.” Grumpy, the original and still the best doomsayer of all, predicts downfall and disaster the minute the Dwarfs’ cottage comes into view, all the windows aglow and smoke rising from the chimney. He may have trouble admitting it, but you simply won’t find a better image of him than right here. He is 3-7/8” hand inked, and is trimmed and applied to the equally ideal watercolor background, as prepared by Courvoisier. Bill Tytla, who had a way of bringing the crotchety Dwarf to life that stole every scene he was in, was responsible for him here. The set-up is 7-3/8 x 6-3/4”, and is complete with hand-lettered mat and labels. Disney, 1937.
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Production Cel, Courvoisier
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

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