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The Witch teases her raven with the freshly brewed apple, but says. “It’s not for you, it’s for Snow White! When she breaks the tender peel, her breath will still, her blood congeal.” This brilliant drawing is by Norm Ferguson. Known as Fergy, he was all but single-handedly responsible for her animation. Disney's first great villain, she still stands today as one of the greatest animation icons of all time. In both of her incarnations, the Wicked Queen and the terrifying hag into which she transforms herself, she has never been surpassed. Clutching her throat as she visualizes Snow White’s agony, her image is 6”, rendered in black pencil on a 12-ield sheet, with production stamp. Disney, 1937
Category: Pre-Production
Unsold Lots: Available For Sale
Lot Type: Animation Drawing
From: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Studio: Disney

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