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Figaro is frosted with moonlight as he stalks a moth across Geppetto’s bed. He is 2-3/8 x 1- 3/8”, hand inked, and has been trimmed and applied to the cel of the hand-inked quilt. The set-up is 5 x 4-5/8", with Courvoisier label and hand-lettered mat. You should note the hand-inked stitches on the squares of the quilt. The perfect little hand-inked moth was fluttering around the lamppost where Jiminy perched to watch Stromboli's puppet show. The girls in the Courvoisier unit at the Studio under the supervision of Becky Fallberg frequently combined elements from different parts of a film in ways that pleased them when they created their set-ups. Disney, 1940
Category: Cels
Lot Type: Production Cel,Courvoisier
From: Pinocchio
Studio: Disney

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