The scenic route of the Santa Fe & Disneyland Railroad along the South Rim of the Grand Canyon opened March 31, 1958, and the Primeval World section was added in 1966. The name was changed to the Disneyland Railroad in 1974, when changing times caused Santa Fe to discontinue their sponsorship. This is living nostalgia. You can thrill to them to this day as you ride the rail around the Park. Since this rare poster from the Park’s earliest years was first displayed in Disneyland, it has been in the sole keeping of the man in charge of the small company that created it and who worked with Walt from 1955 on to make the banners and decorations that personified his Park. The sign is 16 x 18″, silk screen on poster board, and bears the Trade Show and Sign Crafts Union stamp, Local 831, in the lower right corner. Disney, 1958.