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In the heyday of the 1930s, when a new picture began production, everyone, from janitors to vice presidents, was invited to submit gags. In those early days, when the studio was still small and camaraderie was at its height, it was an informal way of uncovering talent and keeping ideas fresh. But while knowledge of this fragment of history is no longer secret, the gags themselves are rare. Here the inventiveness of the Dwarfs—to say nothing of those gifted Disney gagsters behind it all—is on full display as the Dwarfs devise a new way to turn the posts for Snow White’s bed involving no less than three problem-solving innovations. It is wonderfully drawn in four panels in black pencil on a 12-field sheet, and was submitted by Anthony, who liked it so well he signed each panel. Disney, 1937.

Category: Pre-Production
Unsold Lots: Available For Sale
Lot Type: Concept,Storyboard
From: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Studio: Disney

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