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Practical Pig is no slacker as he labors to finish his Wolf Pacifier (patent not applied for yet) in the first of this mouth-watering quartet of layouts. The Pacifier itself is a marvel of inventiveness and extremely effective. Still wearing the pantalets from his Bo Peep disguise and the chef’s toque he donned when he thought pork pie was on the menu, the Wolf is put through the paces Practical designed just for him. He is forced to outrun a spinning saw blade, endure being bitten by a pair of enraged hedgehogs who are truly biting mad after being held in a cage, and, after having been well and truly pacified, tarred and feathered and rammed into a canon from which he is fired through the air far over the hills. The drawings are 12-field, marvelously rendered in black, blue, and red pencil, with camera zooms, frame lines, and scene and sequence notations. "Three Little Pigs," which took the world by storm in 1933, was the most popular cartoon to that time, and probably ever. Not only did it walk away with the Oscar that year, but had such drawing power it was often listed above the feature on theater marquees. It was followed by no less than three sequels, of which this is the second. Disney, 1936.

Category: Pre-Production
Unsold Lots: Available For Sale
Lot Type: Layout Drawing
From: Disney Shorts,Silly Symphonies
Studio: Disney

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