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Fresh from the sticks and eager to see the famous big city sights his cousin Monty has been telling him about, Abner is completely disarming in his overalls and straw hat in the first of this wonderful pair of vintage drawings. In the second, sophisticated Monty, wise in the ways of the big city and knowing a mouse has to keep a low profile if he wants to grow any older, strikes a cautionary pose as he tries to keep his hayseed cousin in line. The drawings are rendered in black and colored pencil on 12-field sheets with color call-outs and Color Model stamps. Abner is 4-1/2" and Monty 4" in this Oscar-winning retelling of the classic Aesop fable. Disney, 1936.

Category: Pre-Production
Lot Type: Animation Drawing,Color Model
From: Disney Shorts,Silly Symphonies
Studio: Disney

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