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The brassy allure of the big top is irresistible in this crowd pleasing set of three layouts from the vintage short in which a benefit performance finds Mickey and Donald under the big top, doing their best to carry on while the orphans, the recipients of the occasion, do their best to sabotage them. The layouts are from the end of the short when Donald's seal act goes seriously awry. The first, from scenes 60 and 62 , is of the electrical panel where the orphans pull the lever to send a virtual electrical storm pulsing through the high wire on which Mickey and Donald are already in more trouble than they bargained for. The second and third layouts are from scenes 70 and 72, 74, and 75. as Mickey and Donald are plunged into the seal tank and the end of the short. All three are 12-field, rendered with meticulous detail in black and red pencil The sheets have general tanning and wear and all three are complete with their layout end sheets. Disney, 1936.

Category: Pre-Production
Unsold Lots: Available For Sale
Lot Type: Layout Drawing
From: Disney Shorts
Character: Mickey
Studio: Disney

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