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Truly rare, these completely unique sketches deserve explanation. The "Baby Weems" segment of The Reluctant Dragon feature was never actually animated, nor was it meant to be, but was shown only in quasi-animated sketches-in-progress as part of a studio tour for Robert Benchley to show how story development takes place. They were created solely as props to give reality to the scene. A satire about the fleeting interests of our consumer society, "Baby Weems" is the story of an infant prodigy so brilliant that within months of his birth he acts as advisor to everyone from Albert Einstein to President Roosevelt. On the night before a worldwide radio broadcast during which he is to reveal the solution to mankind’s problems, however, he falls ill and is rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately—or fortunately for the Weems family—his recovery leaves him no more than a perfectly normal baby. His fame evaporates overnight. These genuinely rare sketches are rendered in pastel on 11-1/8 x 9" sheets and depict the Marx Brothers-style mayhem that erupts in the hospital when Baby Weems is admitted. Disney, 1941.

Category: Pre-Production
Unsold Lots: Available For Sale
Lot Type: Concept,Storyboard
From: Reluctant Dragon
Studio: Disney

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