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The myth of the Merbabies tells how they are born in the froth of waves crashing on the ocean rocks, play for a brief time, then return to the waves from which they came. Deep in their undersea playground, the babies and their friends put on an extravagant aquatic circus and parade in which they perform for the delight of each other. In the great parade, lobsters take the place of lions and tigers, snapping their claws and hamming it up for the spectators as they roll along. These two drawings of the obliging crustaceans are rendered in black and colored pencil on 8-1/8 x 5-5/8" and 7-3/4 x 6-1/2" two-hole punched story sheets with the corner pinholes typical of pre-production art tacked up by the artists. Disney, 1938.

Category: Pre-Production
Lot Type: Concept,Storyboard
From: Disney Shorts,Silly Symphonies
Studio: Disney

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