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Hakuna matata. dinner is served. There are definitely no worries when Timon, along with his pal Pumbaa, bring Simba into their circle of love and get him through the hard time after, guilt-stricken and terrified, he flees from the Pride Lands deep into exile. This exotic dish of aged and marinated ladybug served on a bed of, a bed of, well, sometimes it's better not to know to know, ought to hearten him right up. And it's served with such style. Prepared by Imagineering for theme park development, Timon and his accoutrements were sculpted in acrylic over an armature and painted with mouth-watering accuracy. In all his perfection, he stands 10-1/2", his base is 10-1/2 x 8-1/2", and he is the original sculpt from which further maquettes would have been cast. Disney, 1990s.

Categories: Pre-Production,Theme Parks
Unsold Lots: Available For Sale
Lot Type: Maquette,Theme Park Memorabilia
From: Disneyland,Disney Theme Park,Lion King
Studio: Disney

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