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This center cut of 16 storyboards is from the short in which Donald attempts to use psychology and “just play along” to control his mischievous nephews. He’s just seen them playing as African natives, so when real pygmy cannibals, who have escaped from the circus, come into his yard looking for stewed duck he makes the logical mistake and winds up in hot water. These are better than good, they’re great. Story man Nick George captured the action in pastel and charcoal on 8-1/4 x 6" story sheets. George began his Disney career as an animator, but it wasn’t long before he found his real niche in the story department, where he was able to give vent to his flair for capturing the essence of a scene in a few vivid strokes. Disney, 1954.

Category: Pre-Production
Lot Type: Concept,Storyboard
From: Disney Shorts
Character: Donald,Huey Dewey Louie
Studio: Disney

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