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We are accepting consignments for our upcoming auction. If you have artwork you’re considering offering for sale, now through July is the time to let us know. Join us – It’s going to be a great auction! Call now at 818-991-9955, or email

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A Historical Overview from Roy P. Disney

Roy Disney, grandson of Roy O. Disney and grand nephew of Walt Disney, wrote the above to a colleague to explain the part Ron Stark, Director of S/R Laboratories Animation Art Conservation Center, plays in the history of the Walt Disney Studio..

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Images from our Spring 2018 Auction | May 21-22

  • Jimmy
  • Yensid
  • Smee
  • Little Toot
  • Duckling
  • Roadrunner
  • Magilla
  • Bacchus
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    “Is it worth restoring?” That is the single question we are asked with increasing frequency about all types of animation art. The answer isn’t as easy as you think. Those in the “know” have, until now, thought only about current value vs. cost of restoration as a rule of thumb. The issue has amounted to: […]
    Ron Stark
    05 January 2018
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    The oldest cels we were focused on in 1976 and 1977, when S/R began, were already more than 50 years past their prime. It wasn’t until the 1984 animation art boom that we were beginning to ask the hard conservation questions, but at that time we really had no answers. When I started the Search […]
    Ron Stark
    03 August 2017
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