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Lab Listings Spring 2016 Auction

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For 40 years, S/R Laboratories has bringing you auctions that feature the finest in animation art.
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A Historical Overview from Roy P. Disney

Roy Disney, grandson of Roy O. Disney and grand nephew of Walt Disney, wrote the above to a colleague to explain the part Ron Stark, Director of S/R Laboratories Animation Art Conservation Center, plays in the history of the Walt Disney Studio..

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Images from our Spring 2016 Auction | May 23-24

  • The Deceptive Cotton Ball
    How many times have you heard this advice when wondering how to clean your cel: “Just wipe it with a little alcohol on a cotton ball”? Sounds okay, right? After all, what harm can a simple cotton ball and a few drops of alcohol do?   MORE THAN THE SUM OF ITS PARTS The first […]
    Ron Stark
    23 June 2015
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  • Mr. Banks Called!
    A nice fellow called me as the year was getting under way. I was just back from a little time off between Christmas and the new year and this was my first question of 2014. It turned out he is a banker and owns some 30 pieces of animation art. Mr. Banks (obviously not his […]
    Ron Stark
    20 April 2014
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