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The auction may be over but there is still some of the best animation art available.If you are interested in any of the unsold lots please give us a call at (818) 991-9955 for more information on pricing and availability.




S/R Labs featured on Jim Hill Media

Jim Hill Media, a leading site for Disney news and history, has featured S/R Laboratories and Courvoisier Galleries in a number of their featured articles. ...


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The Deceptive Cotton Ball

THE DECEPTIVE COTTON BALL How many times have you heard this advice when wondering how to clean your cel: "Just wipe it with a little alcohol on a cotton ball"? Sounds okay, right? After all, what harm can a simple cotton ball and a few drops of alcohol do? MORE THAN THE SUM OF ITS PARTS The first thing you need to know is “cotton” balls aren’t always made from cotton. They are often created... Read more...

The Aqua-Fix Story

In Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston's monumental Book, Disney Animation: The Illusion of Life, the two legendary animators and members of Walt's Nine Old Men tried to cover nearly every important aspect of how Disney created animated cartoons and feature films in order to leave a written account of the creativity, inventiveness, and sheer love and dedication so many men and women put forth in order to bring... Read more...


webster_welcome-1Meet Webster©, the host of the S/R WebCenter©. He's been with us from the beginning, but his home is here in CyBEARspace© and he can't wait to show you around. He'll be your guide during your visit today.

For 30 years, S/R Laboratories Animation Art Conservation Center has been identified with the most advanced and authoritative information on everything about animation art. We pioneered the very concept of animation art restoration and are renowned worldwide for the consistent high quality of the art we offer for sale through our Lab Listings© auctions.

S/R Laboratories offers the largest, finest, and most eye-opening array of services relating to animation art of anyone anywhere. Follow Webster on a tour through our dazzling menu of services. You'll be glad you did.


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