When recreating Walt Disney’s office for the new film “Saving Mr. سباقات الخيل Banks” the studio used four of the Courvoisier Studio Replicas to make sure the artwork on the walls was as accurate as possible. Jim Hill reports “Speaking of reproductions … A sharp eyed JHM fan earlier this week sent me a note saying that — while he was watching “Saving Mr. Banks” — he thought that he had spied a few of the Courvoisier Miniatures that he owned in this Walt Disney Pictures release. فريق باريس So I gave Ron Starkof S/R Labs a quick call to confirm. ماهو الرهان And yes, four of the studio replicas that Ron and his talented artists have produced over the past few years are featured in this film.

You can read the full story here on Jim Hills Media.

Learn more about Courvoisier Studio Replicas here at the Courvoisier web site.

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