“Is it worth restoring?” That is the single question we are asked with increasing frequency about all types of animation art. The answer isn’t as easy as you think. Those in the “know” have, until now, thought only about current value vs. cost of restoration as a rule of thumb. The issue has amounted to: […]

Art Corner

Disney, unlike other studios, made their own animation paint until 1985, when The Black Cauldron was released as the last film to be made with the original Disney animation paint. Why the change? Because Disney attempted to make the switch to newer acrylic-based paint colors, only to discover it would require an entire refitting of […]


In Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston’s monumental Book, Disney Animation: The Illusion of Life, the two legendary animators and members of Walt’s Nine Old Men tried to cover nearly every important aspect of how Disney created animated cartoons and feature films in order to leave a written account of the creativity, inventiveness, and sheer love […]